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Licensed vs. Unlicensed: Choosing A Hybrid Mechanic For Your Toyota Prius & Camry

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 2:30 PM

Licensed vs. Unlicensed: Choosing A Hybrid Mechanic For Your Toyota Prius & Camry

If your Toyota Prius or Camry hybrid system needs service, you want confidence in your mechanic. When you take you car in for repairs, you want assurance the technician doing the work not only knows what he's doing but has proper training to deal with unexpected problems. YOU WANT A LICENSED & INSURED TECHNICIAN! PERIOD! No Exceptions!

Ideally, you need a licensed & insured mechanic, someone who has the education and hands-on experience, and , more important, a certification to fulfill such work. We understand, the cost may be slightly higher but think of this, do you really want an unlicensed mechanic from Craigslist or an unlicensed company doing the work on your car? And then some say: "We come to you". Are they insured? If they get hurt on your property will your insurance policy cover them and then skyrocket your rates.

So, Again: Is A License And Insurance Really Necessary?

When you hire an auto mechanic, it pays to be meticulous in selecting the best available professional. Affordable Hybrid Repair Of Tampa Bay is a fully licensed Motor Vehicle repair shop. Doing a quick search online, we have found several hybrid battery repair, so-called specialists operating unlicensed. Most are found on Craigslist and other online websites. As a hybrid owner you must use caution. You may receive the response, "I can do the job for less", well, that's true, but this can later cost you thousands of hard earned bucks and even higher rates on your insurance policy .

How To Find A Licensed Auto Mechanic

Its possible to find independent shops in your area that are licensed to repair cars. Here, we need to know the reputation the business has and if their license is actually current. Some unscrupulous companies will apply for a license their first year of operation but never renew it or hire mechanics with little to no formal training and hide them behind a valid business license. In this it is best by checking out local review sites to find out which repair shops are licensed, honest, and which aren't above standard.

The Risks Of Bad Repairs

If the work you're getting done is happening in someone;s home garage or is half what a dealership would charge, or they claim they come to you without first displaying a license permit there's a good chance you are you dealing with an unlicensed mechanic. Also, here is another con: If major damage has been done to your hybrid battery or electrical system, can it be traced back to the work performed by an unlicensed tech? The recourse may be timely and expensive going through the court system to regain losses. You might be able to have it reinstated after a court proceeding, but this is a time-consuming and expensive process

Safety is also an issue with poor workmanship. Mechanics who don't have proper training cut corners, and that puts you at risk on the road. An improperly installed hybrid battery on a Prius or Camry can result in thousands of dollars in damages.

Our Conclusion:

The licensed professional is worth his weight in oil, and in most states multiple licenses are required to run a shop. If you;re hiring a mechanic to do any work on your car, always make sure he or she has a current certification and experience to back up the price. If you live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida be assured that you are getting the finest work here at Affordable Hybrid Battery Repair of Tampa Bay.

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Reply Joseph Finley
10:21 AM on October 8, 2018 
BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! I purchased a hybrid battery pack in August 2018 and was told that if i had a problem with it in any way they would replace it 24/7. I recently experienced a abnormal battery level on my monitor and called the Hybrid Battery Doctor on Saturday to prevent being stranded and was told a tech would call me back, but they didn't. The next day drove the car to church, then as we left the triangle came on the dash and car shut down. I called the Hybrid Battery Doctor toll free line on my invoice and was told they don't work on Sunday. I had my car towed to a nearby parking lot and called them Monday morning and talked to Monica and she was very slow at taking my information i mean really SLOW, THEN SHE TOLD ME THAT A TECH WOULD CALL ME WITHIN 24 HOUR'S. I then asked for some one to call me like the owner of the company and she told me that a manager Edward would call me back when he got in this was at 9:30 am and the manager isn't in ( THAT'S WEIRD) OK SO NOW IT IS 10:15 AM AND STILL NO REPLY FROM ANT ONE AT THIS COMPANY. I don't know what the problem is but think about if you want to go through this problem when your already having a problem with your car. There is probable a better company to service your vehicle out there. ( BEWARE ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! ).
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1:36 AM on April 27, 2019 
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